3 Ways To Use Online Marketing To Make Money

A lot of people are trying their hand at online businesses. This is the new trend and it can be a successful one if you use the right tools to help you market your site and get traffic flowing. So when you ask the question “Why should my business use social media?” you should actually be asking why would I not?

The single reason why Facebook can be so successful as a marketing tool, to get the traffic you want is because of its characteristics. Humans are borne inherently curious, and that makes us want to know everything (some might doubt it, other might deny it but deep inside us, we all want to know) about things that are happening to our friends. It could be someone you hate or love; you would want to see whether 10 years down the road, he/she gets the karma he/she deserves. Being in anyone’s profile, you are exposed to a variety of circumstances surrounding that individual, and one of it is his/her internet interests. This is especially true if the page your friend likes interests you from the title too. And then you click through… Welcome to the world of social media strategy for startups startups.

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Your blog must be organized and updated fairly regularly in order to be taken seriously. Your blog should be focused on your business, idea or service. Post your blog on all your social media strategy media pages. The more pages you have means more friends means more eyes looking at your blog. Look up programs that offer the opportunity to post your blog to all your media pages simultaneously. It will be time consuming to post your blog individually.

social media startups media is another way to jump start your online presence and credibility quickly. Share your information and ideas freely as you connect with a variety of people. Be the ‘go to’ person on your topic and let your personality shine through.

Don’t Lie/ Exaggerate- Don’t put you’re a specialist if your not, and so on. Be honest and stay on subjects you know. That way when you build your networks, you will gain followers who can more than likely relate to you or your shared content. This will leave you with a network that will actually engage with you or what you’re sharing with them.

Placing RSS feed widgets on your web page could also bring in more advantages for SEO campaign. This is because most of the search engines notice websites more if they have RSS feeds. Once you place a “share this” button, widget or link on your post, this is literally setting up an avenue for gathering a new set of target readers to your site. So, you need to make sure to assign each of your post a one of a kind RSS feed as well as tags, title and description. However, regardless of what approach you use for using RSS feeds, the first things you need to do are to establish who your target audience is and know them.