Wedding Advice 101 – Linens Create A Fantasy

After my fresh air experience, I was still faced with the challenge that I needed solutions for what I was experiencing. How can I work it so I have more focus when I want and need it and not necessarily when it swims in at its own leisure?

Climbing into the bed was an experience in itself. It was comparable to sliding into a soft comfy down bed. I only wish my own mattress at home was as comfortable.

Check their website for coupons and special offers before going to the Faulkner Winery. They believe in aged wines especially their reds. They offer indoor and outdoor wine tasting areas. And can handle banquets or other events for your group.

The fourth is being in the now. Keeping the mind in the present moment. Not thinking about all the issues that come from whatever you are doing at the time. Allowing the future to be created at the beginning of the focus and then letting go and diving into the focus. During the trial period, I still found my inner chatter jumping into future thoughts. Instead of trying to completely dismiss the distraction, I promised myself to address it in X minutes (the promised focus time period). It seems to satisfy me and helps to let go of the distraction it was sending me. Here is where you will find exactly how much time you spend in other places than the now (past, future or what ifs).

The whole family can sample “Breakfast with the Sugarplum Fairy” at The Centre. Besides the hot breakfast, kids of all ages will enjoy treats, crafts, photos, a Holiday Tree auction, and of course, the live performance. You can complete the day with an afternoon visit to “Christmas at The Old Courthouse.” While you shop at the popular craft show, take a tour of this historic building.

Romantic horse and carriage wedding wine tasting trips are part of the attraction to the Longshadow Ranch. They can handle weddings and of course have their own wine shop. Check the website for times of wine tastings.

If you don’t fancy yourself to be royalty, there are other wonderful horse drawn carriages from which to choose. Everyone loves the beautiful coaches that tourists (and romantic locals) ride around Central Park in New York City. This type of conveyance would be perfect for a Big Apple wedding. Even if you can’t get the permits to have the horse and carriage actually bring you to your ceremony, it would still be fun for the newlyweds to take a carriage ride between the ceremony and reception. It is a nice time to grab a few minutes alone, as well as a terrific photo op!

Making just a few minor changes throughout the event preparation can save a lot of money without losing any of the memory making effects. Enjoy the milestone-and look forward to the next one!